Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 2, 2010

Day 2 – The earlier you start, the better it is

6.30 start this morning.  The idea being to get jobs done before the heat.  Good plan.  Bronc, Blue and I dutifully followed Marty out to check on the lambs on the new grass.  They had somehow managed to knock a gate completely off its hinges.  A “grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence” frenzy?  We made short work of fixing that though.

The new grass was looking very lush so Marty sent me off to bring down some ewes (about 900 apparently, it’s amazing how many are in one mob…)  who would make short work of it.  So me and my trusty sidekicks zoomed up and did the job surprisingly well (not without me having first put in a sneaky call to Dad to get his advice on the best way to muster the paddock).  Bronc barked admirably and Blue even managed to make sure they went out the gate where they should.  Woohoo!

Next job was to uncover out the plastic silage cover, lay it out flat and then fold it up into a neat pile.  Sounds easy, but this thing weighs what seemed to me to be at least half a ton.  I asked Marty and was disappointed at his estimate of about 160kgs.  Anyhoo, we struggled and heaved and unrolled and got very mucky, so lay it out to dry in the sun.    I’m trying to make a new page with extra stuff but no luck tonight.  Maybe there’ll be some photos of this tomorrow…

After lunch we did nodding thistles – Nat, Helene and David will know all about this from their visit last year, but again, I’ll try and add this into my yet to be created new page tomorrow.

And finally – Dad and I did an oil change on the two 4-wheelers.  I would like to add, that in the users manual it notes that only skilled professionals using the appropriate tools should attempt this procedure… Yes!  That’s me!



  1. Wow – fantastic news! So fun reading your funny stories. 4 of us girlies are standing around my computer having a laugh. Love the photos too! Keep them coming xx

  2. Glad that you’re reading along 🙂 Makes the effort worthwhile…
    Will see you girlies for book club night in March hopefully?

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