Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 3, 2010

Day 3 – How can we only be at Day 3??!

Oh my goodness, it feels like 3 weeks.  Today we did… YARD WORK…  For a girl who only 5 days ago spent most of her day sitting at her desk exercising her keyboard fingers, it’s quite a shock to the system!  Up at the yards at 7’oclock with 1400 ewe lambs packed in ready to be dosed and jetted.

First we ran the lambs into a long race (thanks to barking dogs – you’ve no idea how how much energy they have.  They run back and forth barking behind the sheep to push them up the race, then they run along the side of the race, leap in and jump through the densely packed sheep to push them right to the top, phew!).  I was allocated the top third of the race and Marty had the bottom two thirds…  Even with that, Marty would finish two in the time it took me to do one!

So you have your drench pack on your back with a plastic tube running to the drench gun.  Wedging the lambs in front of you with your knees, you grab the mouth with your left hand, open the side with your thumb, insert the gun and squeeze 8ml of a vivid blue viscous drench down their throats.  Then you push the lamb behind you and grab the next one.  The first race was slow and hard.  The second race was slow and a little easier.  The third race was slow and even harder.  By this stage I was standing on jelly legs from having determined woolly creatures trying to push past..  I was also making strange waily noises and having difficulty squeezing the gun.  Three races later we were all done and it was time to jet the lambs.   But I think I’ll tell you about jetting another day – plenty more opportunites for that yet!

Marty and I also managed to go and fix a couple of fences where I had my introduction to the arcane art of fencing, using strainers and crimps..  But I forgot my camera so don’t have any photos.  Again, there’ll be plenty more opportunites for that too!

Here’s me dosing the lambs.  No energy for even an attempt at a smile…  PS Did I mention the searing heat?!


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