Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 4, 2010

Day 4 – Porridge for breakfast

I woke up this morning to fog.  Maybe that’s what spurred me on to eat salty porridge with milk for breakfast?  It was pretty cool though – Dad and I went down to the low country to do some more nodders and it was an absolutely beautiful morning.  Beads of moisture were dancing in the air swirling around, and the dew was thick on the ground.  It was lovely and calm, I could hear magpies coowardalling and bellbirds.  There was a smell of grass and as the sun rose the fog slowly disappeared…

Had a good day today – I’m not so exhausted this evening!  Shifted some stock; cows from Long Paddock to Gully, other cows from Trig Airstrip to Beehive and lambs from Track to Mad Bull.  Every paddock is named, some more prosaic than others.  I was so proud of myself  gathering up all the lambs and not leaving any behind.  Blue even managed to do a bit of heading, so very successful.

Marty and I did some more fencing repairs in the afternoon.  We put up a temporary fence around the baleage so naughty cows won’t come in and stomp everywhere and make heaping great holes.  I got to try my hand at banging a waratah in with an inordinately heavy mallet.

Then we checked the 3-wire electric fences.  This was hot.  The idea is to walk along the fence, replacing insulators at posts where necessary and checking the wires are free from obstructions.  Trudge, trudge, down hill up hill what a weakling I am!  Plus I’m a complete incompetent at hammering in staples.  But we did get to play with the cool electricity measurer thing.  You put the wire on it and it tells you how many kV there are.  You can switch off different wire runs to eliminate which are fine and which need to be checked. 

Here is a photo of the fence line I have just walked up.  As I take the photo I am having difficulty recovering my breath.  I need to find a little manuka bush and sit under the shade for a bit.  The red dot is my bike, yes miles away.



  1. Hi Jo,
    You are doing very well! The frist week is done, you should be very proud of yourself.
    I love the log.
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    Bec x

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