Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 8, 2010

Week 1 – Reflections

Wooo-eee! I made it!  I have to admit though, that it was a R-E-A-L struggle getting up on Friday.  The cumulated effect of the four previous days meant that hauling my city-in-the-throes-of-becoming-country body out of bed and tottering to the bike was a tough thing.

I did it though and am very proud 🙂 Blue and Bronc did some sterling efforts (aided not inconsiderably by Dad explaining the principles of how a heading dog works).  I got some lessons on endophytes that live in symbiosis with grass plants and which have been added on by AgReasearch to produce the amazing anti-insect grass seed.

Being back in the family home is going well, with all parties being supportive and respectful.  All the lovely furry little hairs on my arms are being bleached by the sun.  My legs are covered in bruises which will look lovely at my cousin’s wedding on Friday.  Oh yeah – you’ll never guess what, I’m going to the Waimumu South Island Farm Field Day on Thursday, I’m very excited!  Bet there’ll be some great snaps taken on that day!

And during the weekend I went to the Teviot Valley Garden Club’s annual bbq get together and got roped into helping at the Benger A&P show held in two weeks time.  Here’s to integation into new community!!

Don’t have a very exciting photo today – these are the sheepyards where some more lamb drenching went down today.  I was less tired than last time, but my technique still leaves a lot to be desired…  My moaning sounds of last week have been replaced by more general grunting.



  1. Hey there!

    You are doing so well, and loving all the photos and entertaining text 🙂

    Missing you loads but very, very happy that all is going well for you.

    Talk soon xx

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