Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 10, 2010

Lambs and more lambs

Hmm I’m beginning to sound a little like a stuck record; blah blah blah… long day… blah blah blah… very tired… blah blah blah…  Remind anyone of the spy scene in the take off of the Famous Five with Dawn French??!

Well today has definitely been my most exhausting day yet, as we speak I’m only just able to move my limbs – I feel quite elderly.  How do farmers do it, day after day??!!  I guess I’ll get used to it… Hopefully!

Today was another long day.  Met Marty up at the yards at 6am (yes that’s right – it required my alarm going off at 5.15, boo 😦 ) and went and brought another mob of wether lambs to the shed.  Ooh, I just noticed that I don’t even need to mention how I got them down to the shed – the dogs are getting better and better!  Once there we weighed all 1500 or so with a very cunning contraption.  You enter in the weight categories you would like, ie higher than 38kgs is group 1, between 28 and 38 is group 2 and lower than 28 is group three.  You then assign particular doors to each group, and as the lamb goes through the machine, an LCD senses it, slams the machine shut wedging lambikins inside, the weight is taken and the appropriate hatch opens freeing lambie into the correct pen.  Later Marty sorted through the heavy group to sort the select few who are fat enough to go on the the big ride down the road…Meanwhile, lots of running back and forth for Jo making sure the lambs are ready to follow on, one after another.

In the afternoon I drenched, wait for it, 456 lambs!  Woohoo!  This is not very many, but for me it was heaps…  Though still slow, I am definitely steadily improving; very little groaning today.  There was a couple of near disaster moments when the plaster covering my near-fatal finger wound slid off and I was scared of how dirty it would get, but luckily the cookshop has a first aid kit so I could rebandage.

Did a few tidying up jobs, putting sheep here and there (mixing two different groups up in the process from not concentrating properly) and lo and behold, another 12-hour workday finishes…

I didn’t even have time to take any photos.  But here is one I prepared earlier of Blue and Bronc.  Bronc is on the left.  He is a big friendly galumpher who is always looking for cuddles and has huge feet.  He’s the one with the bark.  Blue is on the right and is more of a mean running machine who runs low to the ground, but then gets nervous sometimes and has to run back to the bike to make sure he’s doing the right thing.  He’s a little more reserved.  They are in their dog kennels, notice how Bronc is sitting very nicely trying to look polite so I will feed him.



  1. you’re doing really well Jo – I understand how exhausing it must be and dosing lambs is something I’m quite keen to stay away from so that I can say ‘but I don’t know how to’ even though I do really! You’ll get there with the strength and endurance….its just hard when you go straight into it and at a busy time of year. Loving the photos too. I don’t know how you find the strength / energy to blog at the end of the day….especially with the super internet connection up there!
    Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Yep, it definitely was Ross that made my whistle! I’m still at the voice commands though, so have yet to make it do its stuff. Its better than the plastic one I bought though!
    Dosing lambs is slowly getting better – it was good to be working away at it by myself, I didn’t feel like I was letting Marty down by going too slowly, so could work away at it steadily and get through them…

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