Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 16, 2010

Oh I just didn’t have the energy to write my post last night and I’m really trying hard to get it done tonight too!  My  brother Nick has come back from overseas and fixed my computer so I can use wireless in front of the television, which although means I don’t have to withdraw down to the office, it also means I get distracted and it takes me 2 hours instead of half an hour!

Yesterday morning we did the first round of tb testing for the cattle.   We are in a Declared Movement Controlled Area that means we need to test both cattle and deer once a year for tuberculosis.  We had to have all our cows mustered up and ready in the cattle yards for the tb guy to come and inject them.  He will return in 3 days time to check the area he injected for a reaction.

Today was mostly a nodding thistle day.  But in the morning Dad and I did some shifting of stock this morning, and also filled in a hole alongside the deer fence using the tractor front end loader.  All practice is good practice…

Here is me yesterday.  It was very cold and I had to wear my woolly hat all day.  Behind me to the right are the sheep yards, and behind me to the left is the deer farm.  Today it was lovely and we had our dinner outside….


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