Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 18, 2010

Wet Weather Gear

Exciting!  I got to don my new wet weather gear this morning!  The trousers have a bib and there’s a big jacket that goes over the top plus a hood.  This was very important because it had been raining steadily since about 3.30am and the cattle yards were going to be mucky mucky.  First we rounded up the cows that we had gathered in close to the yards last night.  As we drove around the paddocks, large shapes would loom out of the semi-darkness, cows are quite big you know.  Once all rounded up we were dripping (I have the perfect shaped nose for a continual drip hanging off the end).  And then after  a few races of cows had been pushed through, the yards turned into a sea of mud and poo about 15cm deep.  Doubly glad for the wet weather gear – you can simply hose them off!

I then spend most of the rest of the day returning the cows to paddocks with lots of grass so they can get big and fat.  Before lunch the weather improved drastically and when I set out after lunch I thought surely this would continue so I didn’t put all my wet weather stuff on again.  However I was very wrong.  As Blue and I were bringing the bulls along it started spitting, then raining, then pouring.  I went home and changed.  The rest of the afternoon was spent shifting cattle and being very glad that I was completely waterproof and was wearing my woolly hat.

The heifers were funny girls to shift.  They are like teenage girls who don’t yet have the responsibility of motherhood.  As we went up the road they would sprint, and then kick their heels up and flick their tails.  On the way back down the hill it was freezing and I was driving straight into the southern wind blowing needles of ice into my eyes.  Brrrrrr.  A taste of winter weather to come.

This photo is of a mob of cows and calves doing as they’re told and going through the gate.  This was about midday and it had fooled me and stopped raining for a while.

Just as an aside, Blue did so well today.  I had been reluctant to take either of the dogs while shifting cattle, but he was perfect.  Yay for Blue.


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