Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 21, 2010

Mt Benger A & P Show

Whilst attending the Teviot Valley Garden Club annual BBQ two weeks ago, I carelessly agreed to help Jo Wales with some horsey stuff at the local A&P show in two weeks time.  Then when this Saturday came, I had to forego my sleep-in, to instead drive down the hill and turn up at the Roxburgh show grounds at 8.30.

First I had to collect the special box for the Hack and Hunter group (Park Hack were on the other side of the show ring?!)  Jo’s daughter Devon was also there and luckily she was in charge – this included writing the results for the winner of each category.  While I had the very special job of preparing the sashes.  Val McGregor was the judge.  The horse and riders would line up for each category (Presentation, Novice Hack, Lightweight Hunter, Heavyweight Hunter, Open Hunter, Novice Paced and Mannered, and Open Paced and Mannered)   The judge would call out different steps and alternating foot and then select 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  I would be ready in the background holding the sashes and handing them to over for the judge to tie to the horse’s neck (refer below photo).  As you can see I am very well-mannered. If you look closely you can also see the long slender Steward badge that I proudly pinned to my breast.  It was very sunny and luckily Jo Wales had brought extra hats cos I was gently frying.

There were lots of horsey people about and I enjoyed myself immensely.  Jo put on a fabulous morning tea with delicious sandwiches and even some gingerbread of which I had two slices.  Devon then invited me for some lunch – bacon and egg pie and some marvellously moist banana cake.  Before heading home I perused the stalls (lots of different breeds of sheep to check out, as well as some odourous billy goats and less odourous farm vehicles) and most importantly the produce hall.

This is brilliant;  best 3 eggs, best dahlias, most heavy marrow, best apple jelly jam, best weeds arrangement, best 3 pikelets, best runner beans.  And all are judged first, second and third.  Harold Gloag is a local overachiever, but I did notice that sometimes he came second rather than first.

At this point (and after having watched the police dog show) I decided to head on home and partake of a glass of wine with Mum, Dad, Nick and Aimee.


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