Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 25, 2010

My First Video – Crutching

On Wednesday morning Nick and I arrived up at the woolshed at 7am.  We brought in the lambs that we had mustered the previous evening and while Nick and Marty hoozled them up in the shed, I cleaned the shearing combs and cutters.  Setting up the handpiece takes a lot of skill.  First you slide in the comb then you fit the cutter in behind – adjust everything minutely and tighten the screws.   The cutter is held in place  by things that look like forks.  Here is a picture.  The knob tightens something too.  It’s heavy.  It’s joined to the stalk bit and swings around in unexpected ways.

It’s so tiring, going into the catching pen, picking a lamb up under the neck and grabbing a foreleg, dragging it out and to the stand, tucking them into your legs (I can’t do this properly), picking up the handpiece in right hand, pulling the cord with left and getting into it.  Well, how about a demonstration?!  Here is Nick filming me.  I have to admit that this is one of my better efforts.  Later I degenerated into a state of exhaustion and near tears.  In fact after two pens it was time to change the cutter, but poor Nick had to re-do my handpiece while I wiped away some errant eye leakage.

I just spent an hour uploading my video and realised that it’s sideways.  So you’ll all have to crane your necks to watch.  In the meantime I’ll try another video in landscape format and replace it tomorrow…


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