Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 28, 2010

Weekend Break to Dunedin

This isn’t really anything to do with farming, but I had a cool weekend and thought I’d do some free advertising while I was at it…

On sunny Saturday I showed Piripi the old haunts including 2nd-year Castle St flat, local student pubs (viewed from the outside), high school and boarding hostel before shopping for some necessities not easily acquired in the Millers Flat Faigans 4-Square.

Then we tootled out round the harbour to the Otago Peninsula.  It’s a lovely area, well worth a visit.  The road follows the curve of the bays for about 25 minutes until you arrive at Portobello.  We had organised a homestay with Jenny and Bruce at Callie’s B&B and they were the most welcoming and warm hosts.  They were very informative and know all about the local attractions.  So we followed their advice and called in to visit the local marae, saw the information panels at the Albatross Colony and drove down the the bottom of the hill to spy on basking sealions.  We craned our necks to see if we could identify albatross, but I tell you, it’s hard to tell the difference between a big seagull and albatross…  Graceful birds anyway.

After more good chats over breakfast, we farewelled Jenny and Bruce and drove back towards the city, only to make our way up the other side of the harbour past Port Chalmers.  I had read in a copy of “Worth a Detour:  New Zealand’s Unusual Attractions and Hidden Places” that there is a pub worth calling in at Carey’s Bay.  Unfortunately, it was a little early for wine-time so we continued up towards Aramoana.  Given the tsumani alert you might have said that this was not the cleverest idea, and I would have to agree wholeheartedly with you.  We didn’t loiter long, just enough to admire the long stretch of white beach backed by heaped dunes and waving grasses.

On the way back however, we discovered our own Unusual Attraction and Hidden Place at Deborah Bay, 142 Aramoana Road…  We were cruising back towards Dunedin when I noticed a cottage on the side of the road with some picnic tables out front and a hand-painted sign saying Open.  On closer inspection there was another sign saying Teahouse with some chinese symbols.  We did a u-turn and parked up.  What an amazing place!  We chose our tea and then sat down in the back verandah –  a multitude of couches covered with knitted rugs, coffee tables and driftwood sculptures.  The Taiwanese host Yu Hsien came and joined us and told us his story; 7 years ago he had driven past the house, fallen in love and knocked on the door to see if it was for sale.  After an initial set back he finally finished by buying this little cottage solely on the basis of the view – he hadn’t even been able to see inside the house!  Anyway, after 7 years of sweat and tears, he’s finally created his own little piece of paradise, complete with outside bathroom with one-way mirror in order to appreciate the view without people outside seeing in!

After another farewell, we drove over the hill to Waitati/Blueskin Bay, past the new Orokonui Sanctuary for lunch in the nursery cafe.  What a great weekend.



  1. Hello!On a regardé tes photo elles sont superbes,tu vies dans un pays vraiment beau j’espère qu’on va bientôt se revoir biz.Arelis et Sandra.

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