Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 1, 2010

Copper Capsulating the Deer

Last week on Thursday, Marty and I dosed half of the hinds with a copper capsule.  Today we finished the rest – 300 in total.

It’s very different working with deer.  They’re so flighty that you always have to be conscious of where you’re standing, cos they’ll start running in the opposite direction if you come too far ahead.  Don’t make any quick movements or they’ll stampede along the fenceline.  And all this while they’re roaming free in the paddock.  When they are in the yards, this is magnified!

So we brought up two mobs of hinds and fawns and arranged them in the yards.  These are covered; a. so they can’t jump out (they are prodigious jumpers) and b. to help calm them.  Then, small group by small group we brought 4 hinds at a time into a pen, inserted a blue copper capsule into the end of a long metal capsulator and worked on dosing each hind.  It’s so physical!  Marty has to guide the end into the deer’s mouth and then down the throat, clicking the capsule out.  If you don’t have it far enough down the throat, the deer spits the capsule out.  Naughty!  I would help him to press the hind against the wall or other deer so they couldn’t reverse, and then give each hind a pour-on selenium drench.

They are such strange and beautiful creatures.  They have enormous random eyelashes and huge eyes.  They can get very aggressive when they are scared or feel threatened though.  We had one hind bark at us and then rear up on her back legs, pawing with her front.  She was lolling her tongue out the side of her mouth and grinding her back teeth – both signs of increasing aggression.  And even the fawns that look so cute can spring from any position and lash out with their sharp pointed feet.

Here is a photo I took peeking out between the gate and the post while a big group were milling about in a back pen.



  1. Deer, what fun. My Dad was a deer farmer for years and I’m allergic to them! I would help him out in the yards with all sorts of crap oozing out of my nose, yuk! Watch out for them though they are darned dangerous animals.

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