Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 4, 2010

Mustering in the Tussock

Dad and I had a big day – Marty is away today and tomorrow, so he’s left us a list of things to get through…  We started off by loading up 1320 lambs to go to Canterbury where they will be fattened up by someone there.  We’re still very dry, and so the opportunity to send stock away and free up some grass is timely.  There were a few dirty guys hanging out so I had to whip out the handpiece and tidy them up (I did 2 hours crutching yesterday morning so am now a total expert of course).

I have some photos of us loading up the lambs, and of the big truck too, but I might save them up for winter when all I’ll be doing is feeding out and I’ll need some material to tell you about.

Then we shifted some ewes from the low country part way up the hill.  They’re due to go right up the top, but we’ll finish their trip tomorrow.

Finally after our last effort in the back blocks separating the few lambs from the ewes and then hoozling them up out of the huge paddock, I had left some behind so we had to go and collect them.  That’ll learn me.  Or actually, no it won’t I pretty much always leave something behind accidentally when I muster paddocks.  It’s blimmin’ hard…

Anyhoo, so we had to track down the sneaky little mob (appearances are so deceiving – a ‘little’ mob actually has about 80 sheep in it…)  Then I had to wade through the giant tussocks, and follow the sheep all the way up to the top of the 80 hectare paddock.  Phew!!  My wrists were sweating how gross is that.  The sheep were panting.  I kind of wished I could pant too.  Here in the photo you can see me striding through the tussocks following the sheep.  Blue is somewhere there too, but he’s hidden.


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