Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 9, 2010

“Pain is Just Weakness Leaving Your Body” – Bear Grylls

Not sure if Bear really is the originator of this expression, but I’m grateful as in any case it perfectly describes my situation…

Working in the yards is really tiring.  Going up and down the race, pushing lambs up and through pens.  Bronc was barking hard out – my control over him is tenuous at best so there was lots of shouting and foot stamping.  He’s not particularly sensitive to my best foot stamp, but he’s obviously used to having stones thrown at him, cos when I bent down to pick up a stone with the intention of hurling it at him, he knew exactly what I was doing and what to expect…

Anyway, by lunchtime I was exhausted.  I knocked back my Jimmy’s Pie (mmm, mmm, finger lickin’ good) and went back to the shed, ready to get into a round of lamb-drenching.  It was hot.   They were woolly and determined to get past me.  My knees hurt like an old woman’s.  There were lots of them.  My shins are a star-spangled banner of bruises.  Luckily when I saw Piripi in Dunedin last weekend, he brought my vibrating, bubbling foot spa down with him and I treated myself this evening.  Aaaaahhhhh, the happiness…

So I guess lots of weakness left my body today.  That’s good.

This photo is from the other week when the stock agent came up to draft lambs off to send to store (someone else fattening them before going to the works).  He is drafting right at the end, and Dad is in his favourite blue overalls ensuring the sheep run up smoothly.  This is the site of today’s efforts.



  1. Wow Jo, I am loving reading your amazing blog- it is so fantastic! I love the Grylls quote too- often think of it whilst I’m doing exercise! Ah go the Jimmys pies- reminds me of our amazing New Years down at Millers’ flat 😀

    Talk soon!

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