Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 11, 2010

A Beautiful Morning for Feeding Deer

This is going to be a post with lots of pictures.  Yesterday morning Marty got me to feed out to the deer straight away and boy oh boy what a beautiful morning it was.  The air was positively balmy, not a cloud in the sky.  There was a kind of golden haze bathing the countryside in a sparkling and fresh aura – what a day to be alive!

As Gayle pointed out in her post here, feeding the deer doesn’t involve tame hinds nibbling grains of wheat from an open palm, but rather a clunky bright blue trailer drawn behind the 4-wheeler distributing a trail of grain from the little hatch underneath.  Well as I pulled on the cord to open the hatch, the cunningly arranged piece of rubber broke, the slide came out completely and grain started pouring out.  So I got the spare piece of rubber, poked holes in the right places and reattached the new one as below;

It doesn’t take long for the deer to hear you and come rushing up, greedy for the grain.

Then I stopped the grain, and drove down to the gate at the end of the paddock.  Unbeknownst to me however, a trickle of grain was still leaking from the bottom (I forgot to leap off and close the hatch completely with my foot).  Hungry deer were piling up behind me, getting closer and closer, waiting for the rush of grain to begin and scorning the dribble I was leaving behind.  They were making weird snickering noises and I felt a bit stalked and freaked out…  Once I stopped and shut it properly though, they spooked and ran back up the hill.  Phew.

Here is a video of the deer – you can hear the funny noises the fawns make.  The other noise is of the bike freewheeling down the hill…


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