Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 16, 2010

Tagging Calves

Yesterday we tagged calves.  Each animal on the farm gets a plastic tag in its ear.  This means it is individually identifiable – it has a number.  It also means that you can tell who it belongs to (when you’re working with your animals and you find some that don’t belong to you they are called “stragglers” :))  The cattle tags are also used for traceability in the meat processing industry – they have a barcode on them that identifies the owner, herd number and individual animal number.

So we gathered up the mobs of cows with their calves, and once in the yards we separated them.  The calves went up the race here;

And the cows mooed at high volume here;

It’s funny, the camera only recorded the noise of the lowing of the front cows, but I can tell you they were deafeningly vocal!  Once the calves got to the front of the race, Marty would shut the crush on them (they can’t move forward or back) and then put a tag in each ear.  It’s kind of like getting your ears pierced! You insert each side of the tag into a gun and then when you squeeze it, it fires the tags into the ear, neat as…



  1. Hello there Jo – this is the first time I have ever visited a “blogg” – amazing. You are now on my favourites bar.

    Hey, Happy Birthday country girl!! 21 again!! and looking fabulous!! In the photos, you look like you are enjoying yourself. Chris and I hope you are.

    Take care and God bless. Say hi to your M&D from us too.


  2. […] them out.  There are two ways to do this; 1. by a plastic tag that is inserted into the ear (like calf tagging) and often with the name of the farm on it; 2. by their ear mark.  This is done at tailing time […]

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