Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 23, 2010

Back to Reality

After an awesome long weekend away in Northland, I arrived back to the farm this morning and to the hard reality of some actual work!  I only had time to feed the deer before lunch, but then afterwards, Marty set me a number of tasks to carry out.

First I let Blue and Bronc out of their kennels (they were very excited to be liberated) where they did all their gross doggie stuff.  There were some lambs in the yards to be taken down the lane to Humpy Flat so we did that with relatively little fuss.  Then up the hill to take a mob of cows from Bennets, through Trig Peninsula to Dam.  The cows were a bit sluggish to start with and admittedly Bronc barking in any and every direction wasn’t the most helpful either.  I did some sterling shouting efforts to little effect and once the cows were through the first gate I tied him up and Blue and I followed the cows round gently.

Then Blue and I mustered the ewe lambs from Track into Beehive.  The last time I had done this particular paddock (about 6 weeks ago) I had done a terrible job with sneaky lambs hiding in the gullies and only appearing once I had shut the gate on the supposedly last lambs through.  But this time it was much better – yay!  I’m making progress!

I retraced my steps, picked up an unabashed Bronc and headed back down to the shed where I sent him to his kennel.  Marty had asked me to have a go at collecting some errant ewes who were hiding out in some lower paddocks so Blue and I duly tried that.  With little success.  They were ornery old bags.  “Nope, I don’t want to go up and through the gate, instead I’m going to avoid your every attempts to herd me and run away down to the creek.”  Well fine then.  I abandoned them (Marty had warned me they might be difficult, and so I didn’t feel bad…).

The next job was cranking up the wood splitter we have hired from Bentley Bros Motors (who also services my car :)) to start chopping up the mountain of wood for winter burning.  This is a cool machine that cleaves through the chunks.  Here is a video of me in my flash blue overalls, splitting wood. I do look kind of uncoordinated – using the far hand to pull on the lever, but as long it works eh?  And I’ve got plenty of opportunity to perfect my technique…

Finally, Marty got me to go and collect some buckets of dirt (tractor buckets that is) to fill some ruts, so away I went.  Lucky Dad and I had done some tractor practising earlier so I wasn’t completely useless…

The day ended with the daily chore of feeding the dogs – this paragraph is a little graphic so delicate readers should end here…  I waterblast under the kennels to wash away the poos, clean out and fill up their water containers.  Marty came down and gently reprimanded me for cutting up meat, putting it aside in a sack and forgetting about it for a couple of weeks.  He tipped out the offending morsels and I thought the expression “the meat had turned green” was indeed that – just an expression.  However no, it’s quite literal.  They were crawling with maggots and I said, should I just throw them in the hole?  No, it appears that dogs will eat anything, and yep, they gulped the pieces down, living creatures and all, with their usual relish.  Fascinating in a gruesome way.



  1. I just watched your vid and I was kinda thinking, hmmm wouldnt be much more beneficial to the body and mind if you put the technology to the side and used a good ol fashion axe!!!!! Then your end up with well shaped, defined shoulder’s my darling lol!!!

  2. aie aie aie ça m’a l’air dangereux, faudrait prévoir l’automatisation de cette machine et que l’on ait plus besoin de s’en approcher avec les mains.

    Bise JP

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