Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 25, 2010

The Mad Butcher

This post is definitely not for the faint-hearted…

Yesterday morning after feeding the deer, Marty asked me if I had a knife.  Umm yes? I said.  But it was a swiss army knife, and not at all the type he was referring to.  So I had to zoom down to the house and get the butchering knife and sharpening steel.  I gathered up a bunch of sheep, from which 3 were dooooomed.  Marty had already killed 2 so we just needed another 3.  First catch the ewe.  Then twist the head sideways which makes them collapse onto their back.  Slitting their throat was kind of scary.  The first one was ok (beginners luck), but the second one had a really woolly throat, so it took me a traumatic 3 or 4 goes before performing the correct blow.  Meanwhile the fountain of life-force was spouting high and during a particularly violent nerve spasm, over my leg.  Reassure yourselves however, the whole procedure is very quick – maybe 3 seconds for the sheep to die.

Well I managed that (just) and then hauled the 3 sheep onto the trailer and we made our way to the killing shed.  Skinning the beast was next – this wasn’t easy either (though definitely preferable to the first step).  Knife sharpening skills need to be improved.  Once all of the skin and wool is removed, you cut the legs and arms off at the elbows and knees, remove the head, hoist the carcass with a gamble (kind of looks like a horizontal one of these “{” ) and then remove the internal organs.  Done.  Offal and skin into the ‘hole’ and then leave the carcasses to hang for a day to stiffen.

There was another plaster incident necessary when I cut myself whilst trying to skin the legs.  Jets of sheep blood don’t phase me, but a couple of drops of my own blood and I instantly become nauseous…

Here are the final results hanging up last night.  The little one in the back corner is a prime lamb to make roast dinners for Marty and Charlotte.

This evening I quartered them (the first two with a saw and the rest with an axe) and then put them in the freezer for dog tucker.  Until next time…



  1. Et ben dis donc, quelle aventure !!!
    Je ne suis pas sure que j’y serais parvenue moi et je crois bien que je me serais enfuie en courant !!!
    Quel sang froid !!! Well done Jo !!!
    A plus tard sur ton blog que je suis assidument et bises à Marcelle et Pat.

  2. Blooming hell – I am so in awe that you could do that!!

  3. hmmm… did you say a prayer and kill them facing Mecca? You know it’s all about halal these days… See – I’m reading your blog!! Next step: planning a visit 🙂

  4. Wow, Jo, I am so impressed! And you make it sound so easy, too. Not sure that I could do it but good on you for really doing everything that needs to be done on a farm.

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