Posted by: 347bennetrd | March 28, 2010

Fun With Flax

On Saturday Mum and I went down to the Millers Flat Community Hall (you will be hearing more about this renowned location later on in the year at the time of the Millers Flat Old Time Ball) to attend a session organised by the Teviot Garden Club.  This local establishment appears to be my main source of social entertainment actually.  The first weekend I was here I attended the annual barbeque.  Whilst there I met Jo Wales who got me on board for helping out at the Mt Benger A&P Show with the horses, and today floral arrangement!

My Auntie Ruth was taking the session – she’s an absolute gun when it comes to the japanese floral art known as ikebana.   In fact she was part of the team that won the gold medal for the floral art section at the Ellerslie Flower Show, woohoo!  We had been instructed to bring pieces of flax, some flowers and shallow containers.  So away we went.  First using two pieces of flax we curved the pointy ends with our hands and inserted the cut ends into the pin-cushion thingy.  I am such a gimp at flower-y bouquets, but this is great.  Its a spare, striking art, maybe one carefully placed flower, but that’s all!  Here’s my effort (and mostly me taking up the photo!)

Ruth taught us some different methods for using the flax; splitting and curving it, shredding it into little parts, making a split and turning the end inside out – it was creative and fun.  Which is something coming from me, cos generally I’m the most unartistic person ever!

Here’s Ruth in the red shirt going round our collective efforts and pointing out interesting and successful elements.  You’ll notice the average age of the participants… 😉



  1. Tino ataahua koe my darling!!

  2. You’ll be wanting to put your name down early for the A&P show flower competition. I think we did something in a sand saucer as kids – this is definatly a step up.
    I’ll be letting Mum know to watch her flax supplies too!

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