Posted by: 347bennetrd | April 6, 2010

Machinery Woes

Doh.  You remember a brief paragraph about the wood splitting machine?  Well it would appear I was a little cavalier in my attitude towards it – thought I had it all sussed…  But no, today I managed to pour 5 litres of petrol into the oil tank.  As you can imagine, this is not ideal. Luckily it was the oil for the hydraulic pumps, and not the oil for the motor.  And because in spite of me “filling her up” there was of course still no petrol, so the motor didn’t start.  It is apparently a relatively simple task to drain this oil and pipes, but would have been a major operation to drain the motor.

Ironically, I had just earlier looked at the motor and thought, why does this have to look so complicated?!  What are all these bits and pieces of pipes and tubes and whirry things?! See;

So when Dad and I went up to start draining the oil reservoir, I got my first lesson in mechanics…  First of all, the difference between a diesel and petrol motor (I wasn’t sure which it was), then the key parts were pointed out including the actual location of the petrol tank for future reference.  (It’s the dark grey rectangular box on the far left side, not the green tank looking thing at the bottom…)


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