Posted by: 347bennetrd | April 9, 2010

Bull Servicing

On Friday afternoon we met a local vet, Ana, up at the cattle yards to test the bulls servicing.  So I brought the 7 bulls up – a bit of fighting occurred on the way.  Two would engage heads and push against each other, tongues lolling, saliva threads flying about, with low grumbles emanating from both.  One would push harder (or be more aggressive?  Have the upper hand?  I’m not sure) and would chase the other, snorting and pawing the ground.

We made it up to the yards without incident though and once everything was set up, the vet noted how many times each bull jumped up and successfully served the heifer.  One guy wasn’t so good – he would jump up ok, but then couldn’t manage the ‘next step’.  He probably won’t make the cut for next year’s season…

All very interesting; male bull anatomy on display, the bovine version of testosterone pumping…  I guess that’s farming at it’s most basic, reproduction!


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