Posted by: 347bennetrd | April 15, 2010

Back Country Fencing

Dad and I had a day doing some work together…  A misty foggy morning greeted us, so we donned our wet weather gear again before starting out.  I began by feeding the deer with the grain trailer while Dad got the mixed age ewes on their way up the hill.

The 5 of us pottered up slowly after the ewes (me, Blue, Bronc, Dad and Jasper slung across his knees) in the ever-increasing cloud.  We successfully managed to negotiate the part of the track that crossed into the neighbour by doing some cunning holding back and careful dog placement and got the ewes into the desired block.

After that we knew there was a boundary fence with a hole in it, so we tracked it down and started untangling the strands so that we could join up the two ends of each wire.  We attached a bit of wire to one end using a figure of 8 tie, then out came the strainers; you attach one side, then the other and crank the chain to pull the sides together.  Finally we tied the remaining end and voila!  That really isn’t very easy to understand, but nevermind, it was good fun working out in the mist with Dad…


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