Posted by: 347bennetrd | April 26, 2010

Aphid Alert

The other day Dad and I had a drive around the swede crops to check how they were getting on.  One paddock looked great, but the other was starting to get yellow patches.  Dad suspected aphids to be the culpits, and on closer inspection was proved to be correct.   Below you can see a healthy plant on the left, and a poor swede on the right  that has been ravaged by nasty aphids.

Now usually the weather would be turning colder and the aphids would freeze to death, but we have been having unseasonably warm and delightful weather so Dad decided to get the helicopter in to spray the crops.  Last Wednesday was a beautiful calm day – perfect for spraying because there wouldn’t be any unwanted drift.

It was quite exciting seeing the chopper, you could hear it coming and the grass flattened around it as it landed.  Lucky Dad gets to go in with the pilot to fly around and show which areas and paddocks are to be sprayed.   And I stay on the ground, craning my neck and watching them buzz about…

Here is the helicopter;

Here it is again, spraying Bottom Floras;



  1. Even I’m learning things through your blog as well as being entertained. I hadn’t thought about crops getting aphids (have heard about springtails and other pests but not aphids!) even though of course they particularly love the broccoli in my vege garden and interestingly the thistles (not that I have any of those of course!!) And I certainly didn’t know that people sprayed whole crops for aphids!

    PS. Who was Flora?

    • Flora McDonald apparently… Many of the paddocks are named after the small holders who had parcels of land during the early 1900s. They weren’t large enough to be sustainable and they all had to walk off the land, paving the way for our predecessor to buy them all up. We bought the property off him in 1964.

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