Posted by: 347bennetrd | May 2, 2010

Thank You For Your Comments!

Just thought I’d add this in and say a very big thank you for your comments!  It’s so exciting to open up wordpress, check the stats (I can see how many people have clicked on the blog each day) and then see if there are any comments.

Woohoo!  And here you are, your moment of fame on my blog, named in reverse chronological order from today backwards;
Nicky G, Andrea, Nicky E, Chris N, Juanita, Dorit, Nat, Gayle, Piripi, Sandra et Arélis, Jean-Pascal, Hélène, Bob, Ian and Chris, Alan, Lucy, Mike, Bec and Mel

As a special treat, here are two photos from today.  The first is of a New Zealand falcon that was sitting on a fence post as I was shifting the deer;

It has been such a lovely autumn day today; golden colours everywhere, limpid blue sky and calm as can be.  Here I am, doing a temporary patch on a deer fence by tying a sack on.  Hinds are ‘poky’ they’ll push their way through the slightest gap but they’ll be scared away from here by the bright white bag until we shift them tomorrow and repair it properly. I am wearing my new New Zealand wool knitted by Nepalese people hat I bought from the Warehouse.  It keeps my ears warm and ties up under my chin like a baby’s bonnet 🙂



  1. it looks quite far and fun! Jo, I miss you!

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