Posted by: 347bennetrd | May 6, 2010

Feeding Baleage – Part 2

So here’s the next installment of feeding out baleage.  It’s actually the third part – I’ve yet to film myself picking up the bales…

Anyhoo, so here I am in the paddock driving round at a medium speed and the bed is rotating, turning the bale and spilling part of the bale out the side.

You can see the second bale waiting at the back.  Its resting on two big fork prongs that I use to reverse in and pick it up.  It’s still got its netting on so is kind of whiter.

I have to add in here that feeding baleage is an activity that requires the most difficult multi-tasking I’ve ever had to deal with.  So you’ve got your tractor into a suitable gear and the throttle set at a suitable speed then you have to work the 2 hydraulic levers; one that operates the bed (it can rotate to the left or to the right) and the other lever lifts and lowers the fork prongs.  This is necessary because the hydraulic can slowly release and you need to periodically lift it up again.  The multi-tasking part comes in where you have to drive forward while looking backwards.  I guess its difficult cos the penalty for failing is higher (driving over the edge and into a gully) than say, talking on the phone and writing an email at the same time!  I just stick to the easy ridges…


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