Posted by: 347bennetrd | May 13, 2010

Towing a Truck up the Hill

Today we weaned and sent away the fawns.  What a big day – we didn’t even have time for lunch!  And I got to have my first go at towing a vehicle, nothing less than pulling the stock truck up the hill with the tractor.  It had rained in the morning and the truck driver didn’t have enough speed for the last little steep stretch up to the yards.  First I had it in too low a gear – the truck would speed up, the wire would slacken, the truck would slip and the tension would come back on with a jerk as the tractor caught up.  So I figured out the correct gear to be in and away we went.  I got to practise my newfound multi-tasking skills whereby I was looking out the back checking the the tow rope was always tight whilst driving forward and not going down the gully.  Here is a photo of the tractor with the wire rope at the back, and the stock truck backing up to the deer loading ramp.

The truck driver couldn’t bring his trailer up, so he left it down at the sheep yards, filled up a load of fawns, drove down to the sheep yards, loaded up his trailer, came back for another load, dropped some more off and at the third go finally got all of them on the truck.  Here he is, pottering back – you can see the little white truck making its way up the hill on the other side;

Don’t be deceived by the seemingly nice day – this was at about 3pm.  It had rained all morning so the yards were full of mud and poo, the deer skittishly threw this mixture everywhere and I looked like a mudman.



  1. respect Jo. Well done, another new skill learned! Sounds quite tricky.

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