Posted by: 347bennetrd | May 16, 2010

Big Red

Funny name for a vehicle that isn’t red at all…  Though maybe you could choose your preferred colour when ordering…?!  On Friday Bruce Davidson the local Honda dealer brought up a demo model of Honda’s latest addition to its range – the Big Red.  You’ll all be familiar with 4-wheelers commonly used on farms?  Well this puppy is a bigger version of that.  Here I am going out to track down some errant heifers with Blue and Bronc on the back;

As you can see, its quite a beast.   Note the camouflage paint detail (and note my camouflage Swanndri while you’re at it ;))  It’s really easy to drive – just shift it from Neutral into Drive then press on the accelerator and away you go.  I didn’t find it as easy as a normal 4-wheeler on the hills, but Dad tells me I just have to give it more oomph and not be afraid to push hard.

One disadvantage I nearly experienced today is due to the propensity of dogs to wee everywhere –  on a truck they would normally wee against the back of the cab (amongst other places of course) but here there is no back of the cab.  Just an unprotected shoulder…  Only inches to spare, phew.

So you can see there’s a bit of a deck – useful for carrying the dogs, or fencing equipment.  Apparently its the bomb for hunting (aside from its rather obvious visual aspect), you can drive, point and shoot straight out the front.  You can also easily carry a passenger.  It’s meant to go in all the same places as a 4-wheeler, but I’m not sure I would…  And if it does roll, the frame would protect the occupants.

Not sure whether Dad’s going to go ahead – at a cool 30k compared to 16k for a good sized 4-wheeler it’s a question of priorities…



  1. It seems massive and rather like a golf cart on steriods! And I imagine it feels a bit lop sided when you go along the side of hills seeing you sit on one side rather than in the middle. I wonder if the sheep and cattle appreciate the camo colours! The increased chance of being wee’d on certainly makes 30K far too expensive!!! However, the comfort factors of not having to swing your leg over the seat, keeping the vertical rain (as opposed to the horizontal variety) out and the increased carrying capacity are benefits. Does the steering wheel have hotgrips? Can’t put the usual bike mits on it though! Looking forward to hearing whether Pat goes ahead with it!

  2. you should take it to the golf course this summer. It has a mad max feel to it!

    Nat is away in Thailand and it is farlarking wet and cold here and too quiet without her!

    Hope all well in the beautiful south

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