Posted by: 347bennetrd | May 27, 2010

First Snow of the Season

There’s always an eerie silence when you wake to snow…  Things are enveloped in an insulating layer.  Not much this morning, probably only a couple of centimetres, but enough to cover everything.

First did a round of the break fences (temporary fences put up to split the paddocks with swedes and kale) to make sure the hoggets and calves hadn’t broken through.  (The hoggets hadn’t but the naughty calves had, kicking up their heels and leaping over).  Then shifted the ewes from Flaxy Face to Matagouri – hard to see them in the snow!

And finally spent the whole afternoon splitting wood with my old friend the mechanical wood splitter (no petrol in the oil tank today) under cover of the haybarn while snowflakes danced outside.  Tiring work though, I’m exhausted!  Found these guys in an old pine log, kind of felt like I was wasting them, should have cooked them up – there were heaps!



  1. At camp we were told they tasted like peanut butter. Having been done on “Ice cream” tree the previous day I didn’t bite.

    What are you reading? Just finished Brave New WOrld and satrted on Middlesex. Can we send you anything down?

    Has the rain been very bad? Dad said that SH1 is still closed below Oamaru or O-omm-ma-ru and Ku-roo if you listen to National Radio.

    The snow looks darn cold. All ok still?

    Lots of love


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