Posted by: 347bennetrd | May 31, 2010

Jack of All Trades…

…master of none – that’s me!  A farmer really does have to be able to turn his hand to so many different skills and master them, boy I’m finding it hard going learning them all!  Lots of different things going on today.

Dad and I went out together to feed baleage.  With the snow and then frost, the conditions are very different than just pottering around in the dry.  The bale buggy slides around behind you and you  have to learn to read the ground conditions and know how much slope is too much.  In the early morning, the frost was hard enough to actually increase traction, but as soon as it starts melting then it becomes slippery.  When it rains on frost and then freezes, then that is the most treacherous.  It was a lovely morning  – here is the frost in the deer farm;

We also fed out to the twotooths up the hill a bit – I’ve put a photo on my photos page of the hill with snow – what a lovely day.

Then I did a bit of shifting sheep before and after lunch.  Blue and Bronc were full of beans.  I had put some hay in their kennels so they can make a little nest and keep warm during the nights.

Then Dad and I did some  blacksmithing.  He needed to make a cover to protect the waterpipe and tap underground in the vege garden.   So he found an empty 60 litre oil drum and got me to remove the top and bottom…  With a big hammer (called ball and peen don’t you know) and a special tool that I had to bang, it kind of worked like a simple can-opener.  One sore arm later I had managed to whack my way round and off came the lid and bottom.  Then we put the drum on the anvil and hammered the rough edges in.  Dad got the angle-grinder going (phew – I hate using this machine, its far too noisy and makes scary sparks) and cut two gaps for the pipe to go through, et voila!

While all this was going on, there was a digger dragging the truck out of the gully where I had managed to slide it last week…  It had spent the last week hibernating in a bog with various bits of matagouri tangled in the undercarriage and snow gradually covering it up.

Here is a video of me banging a hammer in all my winter gears.  Dad and I are in the workshop.



  1. Great Timeout / punishment for the truck….I hope its learnt its lesson and doesn’t slide you down any more hills…naughty truck.
    I’ll watch your video tomorrow…when our next allocation of broadband starts…we went over our limit this month so are on slow motion…about as slow as it used to be at home! Keep warm,
    N, C and O!

  2. Hey Jo, great pics – the hills look very pretty in the winter frost xx

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