Posted by: 347bennetrd | June 11, 2010

Winter Odd-Jobs

Today was a day of doing odd-jobs.  First grabbed a small mob of lambs to send away.  I took Blue – poor Blue he’s having a dog nervous beakdown.  Maybe because I shout myself hoarse at Bronc (a shout that often veers towards a frantic scream) and sensitive Blue is getting stressed out by it.  He starts off ok then gets all confused and sets off in the wrong direction  and when I call him back he runs in a huge loop, jumping over lots of fences and arrives back panting 5 minutes later.

So I’ve been giving him lots of pats and encouragement and taking him out without Bronc.  He took some sick leave this afternoon and I did a wee job with him at the end of the day so he feels confident about starting again tomorrow.  Gee I hope he comes right…

Then shifted the calves back onto a swede break – they had been off because it had turned into mud pools with all the rain.  Then tried to shift some naughty cows down a track in a plantation but they were too clever for Bronc and I (oh Blue, come back soon…!) and they ducked away amongst the branches kicking up their heels and sniggering.

Then we fixed up a taranaki gate (I had tried yesterday but wasn’t able to figure out the wooden strainer thingy).

And finally I took a shovel and was sent out to clean culverts along the Omonds Lane.  There were big puddles pooling in hollows so I had to dig away the blocked up dirt to let all the water out.  I got through 2 of the 7 or so culverts and that was the end of the day.

I was going to take a photo of me with the shovel, but then the sun dipped below the level of the clouds and shone on the hills, so you’re getting scenery instead…



  1. Get well soon Blue!

  2. What a beautiful pic Jo – quite professional looking! Hope Blue is doing better xx

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