Posted by: 347bennetrd | June 15, 2010

Loading Lambs

Well this is a bit of a trick really, I took these photos in early March and am only using them now…  So you’ll have heard me talk about sending lambs away – here is a photo of the transport truck that carries them to their destination.

Dad and the truck driver are standing out front.  He wasn’t even phased about being asked to pose in my photo – apparently there are lots of truck fiends who regularly ask him for the same favour (he has the flashest biggest truck in the Tuapeka Transport fleet).  You can see our little lambies nice and snug on the truck and trailer.  You can also see the loading ramp right at the back of the trailer.

Here I am helping load.  Actually that’s a lie.  I’m just posing for the photo.  These are still my early days so I’m not so good at this.  I have improved since then so that’s good.  Bronc has improved too – did I tell you that the other day we were drafting out the rams from the hoggets and he did really well?  Well he did, I was very proud.

Anyway, here I am posing.


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