Posted by: 347bennetrd | June 20, 2010

How to Strain a Deer Fence

So the wood-splitter has been going full bore for the last week and the giant pile of logs from Mum’s garden have all been split.  But in order to store the wood in the haybarn we had to set up some deer netting on each side of the bay to provide support.  The far side was already done so first I unrolled the netting (making sure the small holes were at the bottom and the big ones at the top) and tied one end to the support column.  I did this with a cunning tool called a wire key.  One thread of wire around the pole, then twisted around itself to form a tight join;

Then attach the other end with the same method.  At the middle of the ‘fence’ I cut through all the wires and put up the deer fence strainers.  These are a set of metal clamps that you use to firmly grasp one end of the fence, then the other.  Then there 3 strainers on a chain that you hook onto the clamps and slowly but surely pull each side nearer to one another.

Here I am in front one of the strainers.  You pull the long arm, and the tooth at the top moves forward and latches onto the next link in the chain.  Pull the arm the other way and the bottom tooth moves forwards and hooks the next link.

When all three strainers are pulled tight, the ends of the wires need to be joined with a crimp – a small piece of metal that has two parallel holes that you can thread the end of the wire into and clamp firmly with a tool.  Here is the fence all strained up and ready to be joined with the crimps.  The pile of wood isn’t very big here, but now it goes up to the third horizontal beam and the whole bay is chocker block with wood!



  1. Wow, the garden must have had quite a makeover for there to be that much wood in the bay? You and the splitter must be quite intimate by now!! I didn’t know that deer netting had a right way up~you learn something every day!
    Keep up the good work, Nx

  2. Yeah – Mum had a big chopping down trees session – all of the gums along the fence on the upside, and also those that cast shade on the vege garden. Can’t be shading that now can we?!

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