Posted by: 347bennetrd | June 23, 2010

Feeding Silage in the Snow

Woke up this morning to snow covering the ground.  Was cold too – an annoying fine mist just to keep you on your toes.  Dad and I went out together so that I could start to learn the ropes for feeding out silage in snowy conditions.  Even driving on the road is tricky – you can’t see the edges and have to try and stick to the high shoulder of the road so the wheels of the silage wagon don’t slide sideways.  We made our way up the hill to Jakes and fed out there.

The sheep come rushing over – you have to be careful while opening and coming through the gate otherwise they all charge through and follow one another.  They know what the tractor is about though and come running from all corners of the paddock baa-ing frantically.  And you can make pretty shapes with the sheep lined up on the silage patterns…

After lunch we went to take the calves off the muddy swedes and put them into another paddock where we could feed them some baleage.  Gosh it was hard getting them there!  There was one calf that was behaving so strangely – it would break away from the main group and stand stock still.  I would try coming right up to it and it would sort of look over my shoulder, stand up straight and then run towards me.  Not usual tactics for a calf.  Dad came over to have a look and thought it might be a selenium deficiency, but later at home he happened to read the Central Vets latest newsletter.  Lo and behold, it is suffering from, wait for it, polioencephalomalacia.  We’ve ordered some vitamin B1 injection which hopefully will be in time to halt further brain damage.



  1. polio-brain-softening….sounds really nice – NOT!! Poor wee calf, hope the B1 works. Hope the snow has disappeared over the day.

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