Posted by: 347bennetrd | June 25, 2010

Meet ‘Mud’, Snow’s Annoying Younger Brother

One unfortunate side effect of the beautiful white covering that gladdens the heart when you see it in the morning, is mud.  Yes, roads turn to slush, gateways become traps for the unwary, ruts deepen and gumboots are vital.

I deal with mud in three places in particular;

1.  when shifting break fences – especially in Bottom Floras where the calves’ big hooves dig deep ruts;

2. when opening certain gates, and;

3.  in the sheep yards.  When the concrete pen gets all glugged up, its on with the leggings, out with the hose, wet everything down and then use the giant rubber scraper thingy to sweep that muck right out.

Here is my gumbooted foot, and Blue distastefully walking through Bottom Floras,

And here is the gateway between Top Floras and Top Tubbies.  There is a small inland sea forming here.  Stock take a bit of pushing to go through and opening or closing the gate becomes an expedition in itself.



  1. the picture of blue is great! He doesn’t look particularly impressed by the mud!!

  2. Oh that photo of Blue is just excellent! He must enjoy heading home into the nice warmth with you at the end of the day!

  3. Good title 😉

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