Posted by: 347bennetrd | July 2, 2010

Cows to the Works

Yesterday I had to gather up a small mob of cattle in Maunsells – there were 5 bulls (including our two new ones) and two cull cows. One bull has problems serving cattle so is a goner.   Of the two cows, one will be transformed into dog tucker later on some time (hopefully not by me) and the other is joining the bull to go on the truck.

So we went up to the yards and I separated them out.  The cow was quite feisty, but the bull was quiet as can be.  Any cow or deer going to the works needs a slaughter tag in their ear which notes the herd number.  Here is the tagger and tags ready to be used;

And here are the two animals in the race.  You’ll notice the evil looking black cow already has one done.  Its quite tricky, I managed to squish my middle fingernail both times I did it.  Ow.

So anyway, the truck came up, reversed up to the loading ramp (just visible behind the bull), we loaded them up and away they went.  Bye bye!!



  1. Great pictures. Does look a little cold down that way…. Still, beats a photocopier jam!

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