Posted by: 347bennetrd | July 4, 2010

Welding – Not For Me

I know I should be learning all the skills,  but some of the workshop tools I just don’t like.  Welding is one example.  The other day the foot that holds up the bale buggy broke – I turned the handle, but it wouldn’t wind either up or down.  The pin that holds the handle from spinning on itself was broken.  Dad had to weld up the end of the centre rod again, enough to be able to drill through it and insert a new pin.

I just tried to write a sentence describing how welding works.  Its quite tricky to summarise – especially if you only have a very hazy grasp!  Something about an electric arc melting the metal and also melting the welding rod which fuses.  Or something.  At any rate you have to wear a big face mask to protect your face from the sparks and also to protect your eyes from the bright light.  Its scary.

Here is Dad welding.  I am hiding round the corner and pointing the camera without looking.   On the left you can see the scary sparks.  On the right you can see the clip that provides the earth, and also the long stick that melts and builds up the new material.

I say welding isn’t for me, but I guess I should just get over it!   I’m getting better at using the angle grinder – it used to scare me with lots of noisy sparks but now I’m getting used to it…


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