Posted by: 347bennetrd | July 8, 2010

How To Do A Tie-Down

So the lambs are in Springs paddock, feasting on kale.  But the fence to the neighbouring paddock wasn’t strained enough and they can squeeze underneath.  Naughty!  Here is the fence with a big gap underneath with bits of wool from where they push…

So the idea is to find the point where they are most likely to get through, bang in a standard with a sledge hammer;

There are holes down the standard – when the top one is banged down to the level of the lowest wire of the netting, you cut a small length of wire (with Dad’s fancy new orange wire cutters), thread it through the hole and twist it round the netting with this handy homemade tool, the wire key.  As below;

Then you finish banging the standard in right to the ground which drags the netting down, holds it and stops anything poking underneath.  Et voilà – my first tie-down!!  (The wire isn’t very neatly wound around, but I got better after the new few tries!)



  1. Very nifty! So who had the correct version of 60cm?!

    • Hehe, me 😉 That’s a bottle of wine he’s shouting Aimee and I when we go out for dinner in Auckland!

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