Posted by: 347bennetrd | July 14, 2010

Shearing – Day 1

Arrived up at the shed at 6.15am to get the ewes into the catching pens ready for the shearers to start.  Shifted the lambs down to the new kale break I had (mis-)spent quite a lot of time setting up.  Got some Prattley gates together so we could open the large doors at the side of the shed and put the gates there to stop sheep coming out.  And then it was into the drenching…  Not a worm drench, but a vitamin and mineral supplement drench to get them fit and healthy pre-lambing.

Oh man, drenching is easily the hardest thing I’ve had to do farming.  I was hopeful that July would be my first month without tears, but nope, battling with freshly shorn and wriggly big ewes put paid to that.  Plus the drenching gun was stiff and didn’t spring back, the drench pack kept sliding off my shoulder and I hadn’t packed the ewes into the race tight enough…  😦

More drenching, gathering up more sheep to be shorn the following day, setting up another break, and drafting up ewes in the evening.  Back home at 7.30pm absolutely ravenous and wolfed down my schnitzel, yum.  Did I mention that with all this hard work I now fit my 6th form formal dress?!!

No pictures of shearing yet, but here’s some scenery for you;

and frosty morning with beads of moisture;



  1. are you going to give the little sheep coats to keep them warm … it’s been nastily cold here. i think nice red woollen jackets would be suitable for your flock!

  2. Where’s the picture of you in your 6th form dress? 🙂

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