Posted by: 347bennetrd | July 20, 2010

Multi-tasking: A Myth

So yesterday I had quite a simple task to do – a 4-strand electric fence had two broken wires that I had to join.  Now, while I had done some components of the job by myself (ie using fence strainers) this was the first time the whole job had been entrusted to me.

I was a little anxious that I not take too long, and that I strain the wires sufficiently.  I fumbled for a while with the strainers – attaching the jaws first to the wrong side, then not pulling them enough so that they fell out while I was doing the other side, then trying to make sure the crimp was applied tight enough.  Finally, I did it!  I even twisted the spare wire round on each side to make doubly sure the wires wouldn’t slip in the future.

But…  when I stood back to survey my handiwork, I noticed that I had joined the second wire down on one side with the third one down on the other.  Poo!!  I didn’t even think to check.  So I had to cut out my hardwon efforts and start again.  I got the two second wires joined up succesfully, but the third ones were too short 😦

So I went back today with some wire to add in.  Last night I had practised doing a figure of eight join to add in a wire extension.  I concentrated hard and managed this and finally got them all joined up like so;

But, turned my head a little and noticed that I had strained the wire without putting it back its insulator;

Oh man, stuffed it up again.  Now I’m going to have to go back a third time, pull out the staples that attach the brown insulator, put the wire in and bang the staples in again.  *Sigh*



  1. Makes me tired just reading about it!

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