Posted by: 347bennetrd | August 8, 2010

Digging a Hole for a Strainer Post

We’ve been working on a little fencing project – adding in a new gate and tidying up the fences around it.  One of my jobs was to dig holes for the strainer posts.  You have a special fencing spade which seems to be stronger and sort of tapers slightly.  I had to dig a hold about 60cm deep.  Here is the beginning of the hole;

The ground isn’t too hard, but about 40cm down you reach the clay level and here it gets more tiring – especially to remove the earth from the hole whilst keeping it nice and square…  I’m trying to keep the hole as small as possible because the bigger it is, the more you have to ram at the end. Ramming is hard work. 

The rammer is a metal pole with a heavy metal head on it.  You put some dirt in the hole around the post and then ram the earth to pack it in tightly.  Some more dirt and some more ramming.  Its quite disheartening because each time you ram, its as if the hole is never going to fill up!

Finally the dirt is all packed in tight and the post ready for the gate.  Here is the post with railings attached, and then the other end of the gate (I also dug this post in).


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