Posted by: 347bennetrd | August 19, 2010

Wild Pig Bait

Today we went up to sort the mixed age cows.  There are a few skinny ones that we wanted to separate out so that we can take them down the hill and feed them up.

So we went up to muster the cows down to the bottom of the paddock and then Dad joined us to start cutting out the thin ones.  Once that was all done we set them off down the hill.  As we left, Dad wondered where his elderly dog Jasper had got to.   He’s a funny old fellow (Jasper, not Dad – though actually the same could be said for him :)) he’s stone deaf, but if there is a little mob of sheep to shift, he’s perfect.  Anyhoo, if you don’t watch him with an eagle eye, he gets to snuffling and following his nose until he’s out of sight.  Then, call him as loudly as you want, he won’t hear!

The other day he got lost – there were a couple of sightings, one at the crossroads, and the other waaaaay up the hill where he was helpfully shifting the neighbours ewes off a break.

So, Dad started taking the cows down the hill, keeping an eye out as he went. We set off to pick up my bike which I had left at the top of the paddock and spotted our mate on our way….

The greedy so-and-so had found his way into a trap made to catch wild pigs which had worked as intended, shutting him inside!



  1. Hilarious! Both the sifiting the neighbour’s ewes and getting caught in the pig trap! Good old Jasper. Jasper is a name I associate with Pat’s dogs since I was little….I’m guessing this is Jasper the second? Or third?
    Do wild pigs actually stay in that pen, I’d guess they are pretty strong when upset. Beats having to hunt them though :o)

  2. Ah that’s hilarious, poor old Jasper ;0

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