Posted by: 347bennetrd | September 4, 2010

Start of the Cultivation

So I’ve been stomping around in the muddy swedes for a few months now, shifting breaks and reaping the rewards of last year’s cultivating efforts, but it’s time now to see the process from the beginning…

Where the stock have eaten all the swedes, they have also trampled the dirt in, so its a good idea to ‘grub’ up the soil, loosening it for the next steps.  So last weekend, Dad and I put the duals on the tractor, hitched up the maxitill and away we went.

The maxitill has rows of hoes that dig into the ground, followed by a round wheel thingy that rolls over the grubbed up dirt.  So round and round we started going;

until Dad caught sight of a fierce mother;

It was a spur-winged plover trying to intimidate the intruder (what she thought she would manage against a 2 tonne tractor I’m not sure, but her valour was certainly impressive).  When we first saw her she was standing over her nest, but by the time we drove down to the house so I could get my camera, she was trying to lure us away.  I got out and had a look at her offspring;

Gosh it was hard to see her nest in the ground.  But once we had spotted it, Dad took care to grub around it, leaving a nice square metre for mummy and daddy plover to bring up their babies.  *Happy sigh*



  1. Plover lovers! The world needs more of them.

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