Posted by: 347bennetrd | October 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

And here I am back at work…  I’ve been home just over a week, but its taken me a while to get up the courage to start writing some new posts!

Luckily on my first day of work it was delightful weather.  Hmm, not so bad here after all!  Lambs are bleating, calves fluttering their gorgeous long eyelashes and that hot Central sun beating down.

Here are some cute as little calves;

My biggest job at the moment is to help the young sheep lamb.  I have to drive though them carefully until I spot one that has started to give birth, catch her, pull the lamb out, get her to start licking the baby and then tie mum to a fence so she doesn’t run away.

Sounds simple enough, but boy oh boy catching them is difficult!  Blue and I try and get a little mob into a corner – he keeps them from running away and I walk through them until I find the right one.  I have a crook which I try and grab a back leg with, but not without tripping over a couple of times, swiping madly and missing, swearing profusely, losing my hat until finally the crook hits the mark and I can reel her in.

Then I walk/pull/lift/push her over to a fence and lay her down.  Usually two little hooves and a nose are poking out so I grab one slippery hoof, pull the first leg out, and the second, then push the head out and heave until the wet, yellow baby creature is on the ground.  I rub the lamb’s slimy back leg into the sheep’s mouth so that she gets the taste of her baby in her mouth and starts licking it.  Usually I’m sprawled over the sheep at this stage – it takes quite a bit of strength to pull the lamb out – and also it stops her from trying to run away.  I tie her leg to the fence (using a bowline knot that doesn’t tighten round her leg) and step away gently.

Phew!  It’s exhausting!  So satisfying though when it works 🙂


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