Posted by: 347bennetrd | November 5, 2010

Spreading the Hinds

On Monday we spread the hinds…   I didn’t know what this meant either, but now I can tell you – its when we put the hinds (or sheep or cows) out in paddocks and then leave them there to fawn (or lamb or calve).  Each paddock is a different size and so you have to decide upon a stocking rate per hectare and then calculate how many hinds will go in each paddock.

Once the animals are spread, they are no longer shifted so there has to be enough grass to continue feeding them during the time they have their little babies.  With sheep and cows you can do little shifts reasonably easily, but with deer, the hind leaves her fawn hidden in a secret spot and then goes about her business during the day so if you were to shift them, the fawns would get left behind.

So anyhoo, on Monday we gathered up the mob of hinds (about 280) and took them to the yards to draft them into different age groups.  While we were running them into the yards they baulked at the sight of my bike which I had parked in a foolish spot and started to turn back.

“Quick Jo!”  Dad yelled, “Stop them!” So I dutifully dashed across towards the fence and threw my hands up in the air to make myself look tall and scary, but then as I went to move back, I stepped in a mud-suction puddle…  had a slow-motion moment whereby my arms windmilled desperately, my foot twisted slowly in the gloopy dirt and I fell over.  My last view was of a hind galloping straight towards me and I thought, oh this is it, I’m going to suffer the embarrassing and painful death of being trampled into the mud by a herd of stampeding deer.  Happily only one deer was crazed enough to run over me, and she only brushed me with her pointy hooves – not painful at all, but a little embarrassing.

After a long afternoon where I got knocked over a second time (in the head this time resulting in my cap being flung into another, larger mud pool, and again resulting in no pain followed by embarrassment), we finally got the hinds all sorted up, dosed with selenium and dispatched to their fawning paddocks.  Phew.  Tiring business.

I didn’t take any photos so here’s one I found somewhere else in my files.  It’s not very good so I will try and take another one and replace it sometime.

And just because I can, here’s a photo I took of some pretty flowers in Mum’s garden.  Its called a phlox.



  1. WOW JO!!! I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at this!! Hope you were not in too much shock; I think I would be if I’d had a near… or two near misses with some ‘hinds’ 🙂 I showed Mum your blog. She absolutely loved it and is sooo excited that I’m heading down to the farm for Christmas. Only a tenth excited as I am though!! Talk soon!xx

  2. Love the photos my darling!! Cant wait to see you apopo and get my city hands dirtied (that a word?!!) apopo and over the weekend!!!!!
    Love you baby xoxo…

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