Posted by: 347bennetrd | December 4, 2010

The Bull

Hehe, I was driving up the lane the other day and one of Uncle Eoin’s bulls was standing up at the gate.

Ooh, I thought, you’re an impressive beast.  So I got off my bike and walked towards him cooing in my most annoying high-pitched voice for babies and cute animals.  He didn’t like it.

Here he is pawing the ground and snorting.  He is only about 3 metres away from me with one deer gate between us.  I stop cooing and retreat.

Still on The Bull theme, we’ve got a funny old Charolais bull.  Far out he’s huge – I should go and take a photo of him, though its hard to get a sense of perspective.  He’s been banished to a paddock with deer fencing because the sight (or smell, I’m not sure) of a mob of cows going past excited him so much he knocked one metal gate off its hinges and jumped over another wooden gate to join them, breaking the top railings in the process.

Males.  Sheesh….



  1. Ah, ces taureaux… Je me souviens de notre balade à moto et quad derrière ces bestiaux qui voulaient à tout moment rebrousser chemin !!! C’était sympa :0)

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