Posted by: 347bennetrd | December 12, 2010

Sowing Kale

So if you remember a few months ago, we started the cultivation by maxi-tilling the eaten swedes.  Well, now its time to sow next year’s crops.   Dad had set up the Duncan drill (I’m still not entirely sure why its called a drill, but there you go) so the two of us went down to Swamp paddock to make a start.  Dad made two trips – one to bring the drill down and the other to bring the trailer with seed and super on it.

Here is the drill. It’s a good old girl – I’m not sure how old it is, or how many hectares it has sown, but each year Dad carries out repairs to fix various worn out bits.  There is a small set of chain harrows behind the drill which ensures that there is good soil distribution around the seeds.

You’ll notice there are three boxes – a white one at the front and two orange ones with white lids at the back.  The front one is for the seed;

And the back two are for the super;

There are hoses that go down from the seeds and from the super bins and pop out just behind a metal point.  As the tractor drives forward, the metal tynes dig a furrow in the ground the the seed and superphosphate drop down.  Ingenious!  Here is a video I took while perched precariously on the back step.

I took a few more photos of Dad zipping round and then left him to it 🙂



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