Posted by: 347bennetrd | December 18, 2010

Crutching the Rams

Big dirty woolly bottoms.

So we got the rams into the racewell (a pneumatic machine that closes when the sheep stand on it to hold them there) and Blake got going with the shearing handpiece to tidy them up while I pushed them up the race.

Still on the subject of rams, they’re surprisingly big creatures actually.  It means they’re really easy to muster – they don’t run madly anywhere; a steady plod is their default speed followed by a determined trot when pushed.   Here I tried to take a photo of one’s head next to my hand so you could get a sense of perspective.

I’m not sure what those crusty scabby things on its head are.  It might be where they knock heads and fight.  I shall have to ask Dad.  And they smell quite strongly too…



  1. Nice pics 😉

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