Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 7, 2011

Mouthing and Bagging

aka feeling up sheep boobies!

The day after weaning, we brought back the big conglomerated mob of ewes (1800 the first time and 1500 the next time) in order to check each one.  We bring them through the racewell – just like we did when crutching the rams – and when they’re jammed in so they can’t wriggle away, we can easily access them.

Blake was at the front end checking each ewe’s teeth.  As lambs, sheep have lots of baby teeth, but when they reach one year old they lose these baby teeth and instead grow two adult teeth.  Each additional year brings a further 2 teeth, until the sheep gets old and starts losing teeth!  When checking teeth, the idea is to make sure they aren’t worn down or wobbly which means the sheep can no longer eat.  Here you can see Blake wrestling with our current patient…

Meanwhile, I was at the back feeling sheeps’ udders!

Given the position of my arm, I often got wee-ed on, dodged a few thunderous farts as the ewe is squished in the clamp, and battled with knobbly, kicking hind legs.  My job was to feel the state of the boobs and teats – make sure that both sides have milk and that the ewe is not a ‘wet/dry’ ie. has been pregnancy scanned as having a lamb but now has no milk in udder so must have lost the lamb somehow.  If this is the case, the ewe gets a yellow tag put in her ear, and if she is ever a wet/dry again she does to the works.  Bye bye girlie.

Here is a lovely healthy udder full of milk.



  1. Nice pics 😉

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