Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 20, 2011

Lloyd Smith Dog Training Day

One day in November while going through the post, imagine my surprise when amongst the mitre 10 junkmail, an edition of NZ Farmers Weekly, and the local Molyneux Mail I found a sheet informing me that none other than Lloyd Smith was holding a dog training day.

Now for those of you that have been following my blob avidly will know that I began my preparation for a year on the farm by reading his guide entitled Pup Pen to Paddock.  And now I had the opportunity to go and hear him for myself and watch him in action!  Not only that, but the information sheet encouraged interested parties to bring along a dog!

So I put the crate on the back of the truck and Bronc and I went on a road trip…

From Millers Flat to Roxburgh Bronc was very excited – darting from one side to the other, perhaps in the hope of an improved view?  a rabbit? – but  by the time we were going past Shingle Creek  he was looking decidedly less happy.  We stopped for a toilet break (for him, not me) and then pushed on to Ranfurly.

Held on a local farmers place, the info sheet also encouraged wide-interest by promising muffins for morning tea and a bbq for lunch… Yum.

Lloyd began with huntaways (the ones that bark) and had brought along dogs at different ages and stages of development.  It was brilliant – he ran through steps to take with your dog from pup right through the training period, demonstrating each level with a different dog.

After lunch there was a guy from a  drench company who spoke to us about a brand new drench family and made a special offer on his drench ($500 for a 20litre container – eek!).  This at least explained to me how the day was paid for – given that attendees didn’t have to pay anything, and indeed got shouted morning tea, beers and lunch, I had been wondering how it worked!

After demonstrating and speaking about heading dogs, Lloyd then invited attendees to bring their dog along and he would have a look at them.  I was the first to volunteer and shot off to get Bronc.  While we were waiting he was not on his best behaviour – he narrowly avoided urinating on a woman’s leg, and then nearly did the same trick on Lloyd’s special ropes.

Lloyd started by asking me to demonstrate Bronc’s skills and the commands he knew.  This was a little embarrassing, but not wholly unexpected.  He ran barking after the sheep and didn’t listen to me.  Much like this dog here, who was after me)

So basically, the answer was that I have to start training Bronc again as if he was a pup.

We got home and with Blake’s help I fashioned a stick with a dog clip attached to the end of  it so I could start Bronc’s training regime.  Work in progress let’s say.



  1. Hi, how’s your Lloyd Smith style dog-training coming along?! Would love to hear your progress. My dad (ex-dog-triallist) spoke very highly of Lloyd’s training day that he attended. Thinking I might go get my hands on his book… 🙂

    • Doh – rather a late reply! I’m back in the city now, and my brother has inherited Bronc. Not the greatest of succession gifts, I’m afraid. Dad takes him along with him though – just this week Bronc dashed off to chase a wild hind and fawn. After about an hour driving around in the snow trying to find him, Dad gave up in a huff! Bronc was later rescued, found sitting dejectedly by a gate …
      As for Lloyd Smith’s book, yes, it’s a winner. As a beginner though I found it assumed a certain amount of knowledge. Definitely try and go along to one of his sessions if you can.

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