Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 23, 2011

New-Born Calf

This is totally out of sync, but I though it was interesting and wanted it to be immortalised on my blog (for future reference).  When the heifers were calving (in August!) I went up with Blake and Dad when they had to give a hand to a heifer that wasn’t managing on her own.  Here is the little critter straight after Blake had to help pull him out.  Blake is clearing the calf’s mouth of any obstruction.

We had run the heifer into the race and then shut her in the bail so she couldn’t move backwards or forwards.  Once the calf had been born, we milked the heifer and fed the calf that milk with a bottle and teat.

Here he is here, recovering from the experience.  He’s actually got blue eyes which is kind of crazy.

Mum and he went on to do very well.  However in the interests of realism I have to inform you that this is not always the case.


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