Posted by: 347bennetrd | February 26, 2011

Fixing a Trailer

One of the trailers that gets pulled behind the 4-wheeler was a little the worse for wear so time for an afternoon in the workshop! There’s a hole in the decking that needs to be repaired, the drawbar latch thingy is broken, the stay in the centre of the trailer is bent and needs to be straightened, one tire has already been replaced and finally one of the latches that fastens the crate on needs to be replaced…

Here is the trailer on its side with the old decking to the left.  I have set out the new piece of plywood, traced the area I need to cut ready for me to start sawing.

I’m getting better at sawing, its surprisingly difficult!  Luckily I’m getting stronger so can go for longer without taking a break…

Once I had finished sawing that was kind of me done.  I undid a bolt and waited for Dad…  He removed the drawbar and started heating the centre support bar that goes between the two tires.  He used a gas torch which has bottled oxygen and acetylene.  Once the bar was hot, we used a fence strainer to pull the bar straight again.  Here is Dad using a gas torch for something else, but you can see what it looks like anyway.

And that was all for today.  We still have the rest to do…

Doh, it’s now about 6 months later and the trailer is completed and has been in use for ages!


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